In light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the state of emergency that has been declared, the HINENI 54TH ANNUAL DINNER that had been scheduled for April 1 at Guastavino’s has been POSTPONED. We pray that Hashem will have compassion upon all of humanity and will remove this terrible plague from all of us in the immediate future.

Although our physical Dinner will not take place as scheduled, we are appealing to all of our friends for your support. By joining in our annual campaign, you will help secure the resources needed to continue our mission of reaching out to our fellow Jews, teaching, inspiring and uplifting the spirits of all.

Please use the link below to contribute to HINENI. Thank you for your ongoing support. We look forward to be able to see each other again very soon.

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Mission Statement

Hineni’s mission is to ensure Jewish continuity by continuing the pioneering work of our founder, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis a”h, of imparting the timeless values of Judaism. Hineni reaches out to individuals, couples, families and communities. We accomplish our mission thru a comprehensive suite of educational , social and enrichment activities, encompassing home and office study; classes and seminars in Torah, Prophets, kabballah, prayer, Jewish ethics, Jewish rituals, Jewish history and myriad other topics. Thru these activities, conducted in an atmosphere of warmth and joy, we reawaken the pintele yid in every Jew that is waiting to be touched, thereby strengthening the pillars upon which Jewish life is built.

Hineni’s programs reach Jews from all levels of religious and spiritual backgrounds. We conduct Shabbatons, teen, young leadership , parenting and relationship programs, and Holiday events — engaging Jews of all ages, infusing purpose and meaning into their lives, and encouraging all participants to learn more about their Jewish identity, heritage and traditions.

About Hineni

Help us continue the Rebbetzin’s legacy

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Help us continue the rebbetzin’s legacy

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